Saturday, December 20, 2008

I've always been a writer.

This following is a story I wrote when I was six, word for word. Note my insightful comment about "the Country."


one day there was a girl named Jessy.She was very lonley she had no freinds because she lived in the Country. Her birtday was in a few day and she would have no friends.On her b-day her parents got her a puppy. She named it Moonlight.She loved Moonlight a lot but she grew up. One day Jessy came down for breakfest and everyone loked sad. "Moonlight is very sick" they said. Whats wrong with her Jessy asked? She ate something she was not saposed to.What? we dont now.We took her to the vet at eight o-clock. Jessy got very sad.
The next day Moonlight came home and was all better! Jessy was very happy and so was everyone.
Moral: Surprised is the best.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Late night thoughts

A few things I would like to share:

1. Ladies,
Do NOT wear makeup to the gym. Not only will it clog your pores and make you breakout if you break a sweat (which you should hope to do...)but it makes you look- to say the least- non-legit. Any girl who is coming to the gym with the actual purpose of the place in mind (to get a workout) would not show up with makeup on. If you are coming with the hopes that your cute, hot pink Nike running shorts and your fully made-up face will score you a mate, well, think again. Really, the gym is probably the ONLY place where a guy will find you more attractive while looking "natural." It strikes the same primitive chord that rings within his breast and makes him add whey protein to his cereal and "pump iron."
Finally, if you MUST wear makeup to the gym, can you at least fore-go the bright red lipstick? It's just irritating.

2. There is something immensely satisfying about new toothpaste. Is it just me or do my teeth feel cleaner?!

3. So the way the SLU class schedule is set up, certain classes run Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while others run just Tuesdays and Thursdays. In college, teachers don't assign seats, but students usually end up sitting in the same place every class. Such is the case in my "Age of Romanticism" class. The same guy sits behind me every Tues and Thurs. This last Tuesday, after class, he says to me "hey, just wanted to let you know you left the tag on you sweater." As I had never worn this particular sweater before, the price tag was still attached and I forgot to cut it out so it was sticking out near my neck. I said "oh thanks!" and made a mental note to cut it when I got home.
Today, Thursday, I got home from a full day of classes, one of which was the same Romanticism class and realized I had worn my sweater inside out ALL DAY. And this particular sweater had a big honkin label which must have been blatantly staring that same poor boy in the face since I wore my hair pulled back. That fact that he didn't say anything this time makes it worse...He must think I'm very, very odd.