Sunday, February 8, 2009

Food poetry

Five Course Meal
(As Prepared by one Kristian Marlow)

Tickles the taste buds,
And stimulates saliva;
Made of diced green apples,
Sautéed in olive oil,
Mixed with fried, minced pancetta
And just enough cinnamon
For the nostrils to notice.

First plate,
Or rather a bowl;
Potato and Leek soup,
Topped with a dollup
Of red jalepeno infused oil-
A blindingly hot contrast
To the warm potato mush
Surrounding it.

Second plate,
Sea Scallops Veracruz;
Blanched scallops,
Minced garlic,
Fresh cilantro, chopped.
A pinch of cumin,
One small tomato,
All drizzled with olive oil-
Extra virgin, of course.

Next comes Beef Tenderloin,
Dripping with blood,
Rare as I like it,
With red wine reduction.
And nestled nearby is carrot puree,
Whose sweetness meets
Savory meat
And kisses it hello.

Top it all off
With Tiramisu;
Delicate lady fingers
And Mascarpone cheese.
Italian for “pick me up,”
But bogged down with Brandy.*

All washed down
With elegant Pinot Noir,
Aged just three years
In an old oak barrel.

*Disclaimer: Tiramisu was on the original menu, but not actually served.